Best la2a clone

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Best la2a clone

Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Jun 29, 1. Messages: 1, I highly recommend doing so. The KT-2A is exactly what you'd expect perfect for smoothing out vocals. All three models are very affordable Jim RoseberryJun 29, Mario C. Jun 29, 2. Messages: 7, Jun 30, 3.

Will do so soon. Been using them to mix a project for a client.

best la2a clone

On electric bass, the seats it perfectly. Jim RoseberryJun 30, Badtone and BigBadOrange like this. Jul 2, 4. Messages: BigBadOrangeJul 2, Badtone likes this. Jul 3, 5. The KT pieces sound incredibly good. Jim RoseberryJul 3, Jul 3, 6.

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I use them in combination with a Warm Audio waeq for tracking. The light on the VU meter on my 76 burnt out rather quickly but that should be an easy fix at some point. ShawnHJul 3, Jim Roseberry and Crowder like this. Jul 3, 7. Messages: 3, The quality "cheap" hardware is really impressive these days.

It should be but its all promising. Jul 3, 8. Have y'all tried them out alongside the Warm WA?Log in or Sign up. Recording Forums.

best la2a clone

Tags: comparisons compressor la2a pro audio ua universal audio wa-2a warm audio. Looking at the guts of the WA-2A, it looks pretty clean, not exactly the same as the originals but it appears to all be there. I wonder how it sounds? Joined: Jul 2, Location: 77 Sunset Lane. Kurt FosterJan 30, Guys, even if they don't sound the same, if the sound is good for the job, who cares?

BTW LA2A's don't sound the same from each others unless they were bought and kept together as pair and even then Kurt Foster likes this.

DonnyThompsonFeb 4, Found this today. All round terrible comparisons because the tech didn't even match levels or compression properly but still fun to post it. More so for me to rant on how poor comparisons like this are all over the web. That being said, they all sound okay but if you read the comments on the youtube channel, I didn't find one that actually knows much about how to listen to a comparison in the first place.

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And including a plugin. I would like to hear other ITB comps in another challenge though. That would be fun. The Warm sounds like it would be worth trying though. Looking forward to that some day. Namin likes this. The warm audio is the one to tame the HF more.

Could be nice with an hyped budget condenser. This makes me reinforce my thoughts about this. If you buy budget gear they may be a better match together than a mix with highend gear. Do you see where I'm going. The warm audio might have been designed to have less HF to compensate for budget mics since people who buys budget mics won't go for a real LA2A.

Am I wrong?? High end gear does good job with highend gear and Lowend with lowend??? Nah, I'm just too tired, a cheap mic will still sound better with a highend preamp Namin and pcrecord like this. Exacly my thoughts!! Wouldn't be great if newcomers understand that at the beginning of their journey!

I was unsatisfied for a very long time because of bad gear choices. DonnyThompsonFeb 13, Cheap gear is here to stay, what ever we say. In a sens, it's good because it allows a lot of people to learn about recording and have fun at home.Join us now! Forgot Your Password? Forgot your Username? Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

View More. Recent Blog Posts. Recent Photos. View More Photo Galleries. Unread PMs. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Essentials Only Full Version. I am broke to the bone now so i cant afford buying anything. So any recomandations would be great Jan. Max Output Level: Here's a free character comp that's worth getting.

best la2a clone

Bajan Blue. I use Bootsies Thrillseeker LA - I actually use this most of the time in preference to purchased compressors. All his plug ins are very good indeed - in my opinion some of them outperform many commercially available products. For instance VBL I am really getting into as well.

They are only 32 bit but work without any problems whatsoever on my 64 bit windows 7 system. My favorite free comps are Eddie TX. Klanghelm DC1A, is decent i like that one.

Downloads from Variety of sound do not work atm : Error This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! Need more suggestions, please post if you know some compressors that is not added here yet. Any freeware Compressor, that come close to it? Thank's Jan. Some info: Compressor The reputation of this analog classic is well known throughout the audio industry. Originally designed and built during the 's, the LN was the first to use a field effect transistor FET as a voltage-controlled variable resistor, and that innovation was the key to the product's unique character.

An in-depth analysis of the LN's "personality" allowed Universal Audio to methodically reproduce those results within a plug-in architecture, and now offer that same character to computer-based audio workstations. Unlike some designs, which simply have a valve in the circuit, a Vari-Mu compressor uses the valve for gain control. As pointed out by Case a circuit is sent to a valve by the level detection unit to alter its gain, which results in compression of the audio signal.

Vari-Mu compressors do not have a ratio control and increasing amounts of gain reduction are achieved with louder levels Izhaki Due to the use of a valve for gain reduction, Vari-Mu compressors are not as fast as the transistor-based units.

This can make them a suitable choice for drum busses and full mixes when preservation of transients is desirable.Discussion in ' audio ' started by colasblueJun 2, Log in or Sign up. I get them, not the intended recipient. I get a lot of them and I do not want them! It is just a notification, log into the site and reply from there. This is just delete by another name. It had to happen A full on Nap clone from China at a sensible price.

Could used NAP prices be about to drop through the floor? KlydeJun 2, Who would possibly buy it though? Far too risky IMHO. CalienteJun 2, I think a few people might well buy it, and once they do and if it's received well there will be a few more.

Nobody would buy a real gaincard amp with all those quality gainclones around and the residual value of the genuine but very overpriced 47 labs original has been utterly hammered. I think a full on built and cased unit would appeal to quite a few without construction skills. Igloo AudioJun 2, It costs more than that to get a proper nap serviced,with the postage! MinioJun 2, I'd never knowingly sponsor IP theft. Some people have no morals.

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MVVJun 2, The trouble is that there's no way of copyrighting the RCA amplifier circuit, which is what you have. The board layout looks identical to the real thing, and they even claim the kit can be used to replace the real thing. Naim might be able to get them on that.

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The components certainly aren't the same brands Naim use. That might not make much difference to how it sounds, but it will make some. Component and build quality is always an unknown, but might actually be better than you expect. It probably comes with no guarantees, but there are plenty of people who would be able to fix it if it broke The box is unbranded but has a similar look.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It is hard to make things so bad with the LA-2A. The tone and level control of this unit is just superb. How can a unit, any kind of unit, turn a good sound into a better sound? To me it is not logic, but I have to admit, the LA-2A d o e s a marvellous job, even at spoken text.

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I use Neumann This compressor is one of the Best things I use every time when I record Vocals. Also this piece comes handy for Bass or Guitar while mixing them up. True to the original in design, manufacturing and performance Lag free, distortion free optical attenuator system Distortion less than 0. Why not offer a Volt version, straight forward to the EU-Market? I also tested this particular one with Waves emulation and I have to say that UAD version has some kind of analog flavour on it, so for me this is the Best weapon out there.

Even though it is the new and not the vintage version I heard so much about referencing the versions. The LA2A is plain magic.

best la2a clone

Just try to compress a voiceover with a low male voice, and compare the hardware vs. You'll see Same goes to electric bass And if anybody tells yoou that optos are not for drums, try it on bassdrum just once, and the judge on your own! This is the plug you want to get out the gate when you start UAD. It's utility. The others are as well but this will truly show you the epitome of UAD sound and power.

Just a magical little plug.Renewed products work and look like new. These pre-owned products have been inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified suppliers. Box and accessories may be generic.

Stam Audio SA-2A

All Renewed products come with the day Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Learn more. Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. We pay homage to this audio-processing pioneer that has graced so many recordings, with our KT-2A Classic Leveling Amplifier.

At the heart of the KT-2A is a vintage lag-free optical attenuator based on the very same electroluminescent technology used in its predecessor. This is just one of the many ways the KT-2A brings unparalleled precision and superb signal integrity into the new audio age.

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This time-tested combination provides ultra low-noise analog output with the ideal balance of tight, warm bass, silky-smooth midrange and brilliant, airy treble. Ever since its formation in the s, MIDAS has had a long history of innovation and leadership in the world of audio mixing consoles. A built-in adjustable stereo-link TRS connection allows a pair of KT-2As to blend their sidechain signals for shared threshold response between the two devices.

The controls on the KT-2A consist of a Pre-Emphasis trimmer, which adjusts the sidechain that the compressor responds to, but does not directly affect the audio in any way.

When set fully clockwise, the sidechain responds to the full frequency bandwidth of the incoming audio. As the trimmer is turned counterclockwise, the compressor responds less to the signal's high frequency transients. The Output Gain knob provides any makeup gain necessary for setting the output signal to the optimal level.

Free Compressor VST Plugins

Old-school VU Meters ruled the day back in the s and '70s, so we stayed true to the original with the KT-2A's metering. The classic d'Arsonval movement averages out short duration signal peaks and troughs, providing a much more realistic view of perceived loudness. A Meter Selection knob lets you display either the amount of gain reduction or the output level.Both have been re-issued by Universal Audio and continue to sell well today, while vintage Teletronix LA-2As and Urei s go for a pretty penny on the secondhand market.

This odd duck was half the size of an and downright diminutive compared to the massive 3U LA-2A. Still two rack-spaces high, but only a half rack in width, the LA-3A seemed designed to be sold in pairs, as indeed it often was.

Released inthe LA-3A - like its tube-based papa - derived its response characteristics from the legendary T4b opto-isolator, which consisted of an electro-luminescent panel paired with a photo-sensitive resistor. The louder the signal coming in, the brighter the electro-luminescent panel.

The photo-resistor reacts to this light and the signal gain is reduced. While the attack for small transients will be similar to the older model, the LA-3A reacts much more quickly to larger transients, due to the solid-state components driving the luminescent panel.

Warm Audio WA2A vs UA LA2A

Vintage units had a switch around the back to toggle between compression and limiting - a common mod brings this switch up to the front panel, more often than not accompanied by a bit of Dymo tape labelling.

The LA-3A parts ways with its predecessor by ditching the valve-based circuits for a then-modern solid-state design that shares some similarities with the This results in a much less coloured signal than that of the LA-2A, but also one that works wonders on the lower-midrange frequencies, making it a favourite for electric guitar and male rock vocals.

The LA-3A was something of a sleeper - it was sold for well over a decade, being quietly discontinued in Recently, Universal Audio re-issued it for what turned out to be a limited time. Prices of secondhand units are now steadily climbing as engineers across the globe are rediscovering the delights of the dynamics dynamo.

If you want a killer copy, go to the source - assuming you have a UAD-2 or Apollo interface, that is. Bundled with clones of the LA-2A and as part of the Chris Lord-Alge Classic Compressors bundle, this is a meticulously modelled emulation of the original LA-3A that aims to meet the demands of the producer who lent his name to the collection.

As with the real thing, you get compressor and limiter modes. This cross-platform clone of the LA-3A promises to capture the entire circuit path of the LA-3A, including the all-important T4b opto-isolator cell.

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